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The image shows a collection of old mobile devices, including various models of cell phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Notable brands visible include Ericsson, Motorola, and BlackBerry. The devices are stacked together in a plastic container.

Welcome to Travel Gear Geek. As you start to become a regular reader (and I hope you will), you can expect to read reviews of the same new products you’ll find on the other tech sites, but with a strong focus on travel. Not only will we focus on the specs and the usual unboxing, but also important facts like whether it works abroad, how easy it can be charged on the go, and just how helpful it really is to the roadwarrior. You’ll also find a great lineup of truly helpful posts in the form of guides, videos, how-to’s and reader QA sessions.

Because this site is way more fun than “all those other tech sites”, you’ll also get to see a great lineup of retro tech posts. The Travel Gear Geek museum is home to some of the most iconic gadgets of the past 2 decades. Those of you who still remember trying to get their Palm Pilot modem to connect to Compuserve using the dial-up port of the hotel desk phone will get to enjoy reliving those days, (and reliving what a pain in the backside it was to get most of that early technology actually working).

To help make Travel Gear Geek one of your regular sites, you can also think of it as your personal helpdesk – we love hearing from readers, and are happy to help with tips, tricks and fixes for many of your travel technology problems. Whether you need advise on the best mobile operator at your destination, or tips for a complete gadget makeover, we are more than happy to help.

In addition to the site, you’ll also find our stories and links on our Twitter page, Instagram and Facebook. Videos will always be posted here on the site first, but you cal also find them on the Travel Gear Geek YouTube page.









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