Your Google Assistant now knows how much your trip will suck (or not)…

Google Assistant and its companion hardware appliances have long been my go-to friend for information I could have looked up on my phone… Of course given their popularity, there is no denying that voice assistants are here to stay. In my home, I have 8 places I can ask Google something, and everyone in my household has their own favorite things they use their assistant for. Today, the search giant announced another new feature for its voice enabled wizards: flight performance predictions.

Google launched flight delay predictions earlier in 2018 and integrated it into Google Flights – so far, so good. With this latest update to Google Assistant, that same information can be accessed with your voice, by simply asking whether your flight will be on time. For that easy phrase to work, Google will of course need access to your calendar with flight information. If it lacks that information, you can also ask it by flight number.

If that weren’t awesome enough, they plan to roll out proactive flight delay notifications on your phone through the assistant app. This kind of information has made many of my old apps obsolete – do any of your remember using WorldMate on your Blackberry?

Bottom line; if you haven’t spent the $29 to get a Google Assistant in your home yet, do it now. On their blog, Google provides a great overview of how its apps and services can help during the wacky holiday travel season.

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