Share your stories of Black Friday 2018!

The image shows the interior of a shopping mall with multiple levels and various stores. The top part of the image has text that reads, "WHAT DID YOU GET ON BLACK FRIDAY?" Below the mall image, there is a black section with torn edges containing more text: "My local malls were mostly empty, full of merchandise with virtually no good door busters... YOU'RE WELCOME, -Jeff Bezos." The bottom of the image features a barcode.


Thankfully, stories of death and destruction on Black Friday seem to be happening less and less, so with the limited negativity around the shopping day, it is once again acceptable to use the festive day of turkey dinner digestion and lowest price of the season hunting as some light entertainment.

Before any of you start sharing, I feel compelled to share my own travel friendly haul for 2018, and this is what my 10PM-4AM trip yielded:

  • New ultra thin RFID shielded wallet
  • The Rode VXLR Adapter for VideoMic Mini-Jack Female to XLR Male
  • 2-in-1 USB-C Headphone and charging adapter
  • SOG MacV Tool SM1001 – Hardcased Black, 12 Tools in One
  • BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading LED Task Lamp with Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment Features
  • Cellet USB-C retracting/folding adapter
  • USB Power Strip, 3 Outlets Travel Power Multi Outlet Strip with 3 USB Ports
  • JSVER Compact Power Strip with 3 USB Charging Ports and 3 AC Outlets
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable Right Angle, 4ft 90 Degree
  • Hewlett Packard HP Jornada 820 Handheld PC Laptop (for the TGG retro archive)

(items in bold are products that will be reviewed in upcoming stories).

This is all I can share, as some of the other items are surprises for family members! The last item in that list is another for my retro phone and computer collection, covering the 90’s and 00’s and consists of one of the largest collections of important technology being preserved today. The rest is just “gimme gimme gimme” kind of stuff that I’m halfway able to convince myself I needed.

As you can tell from the list, I have a thing for chargers, cables and battery packs – a good reliable charger can quickly become my best friend on a trip. Of course, having a lot of cables also means there are parts of my house that could easily become part of an upcoming episode of “Hoarders”. I’m often asked wny I don’t buy more hard core tech on Black Friday, and the sad answer is sadder: I already own most of the high tech gear that goes on sale. As usual, an early adopter is not really happy till after CES and the newest gear starts hitting (online) store shelves.

So – what did you get this black Friday? Share on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or our blog comments. 





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