HP Spectre x360 laptop could be the holy grail of portable – 22 hour battery life and Gigabit LTE…

I’ll be honest here – for some reason, HP laptops dropped off my radar several years ago. After the hugely successful Mini 110, I simply stopped paying attention to their product lineup. Today though, they got my attention in a big way – with a big number to match it. Their fall refresh for the Spectre line includes several pretty sleek machines, all decked out in their gold/brownish hue with what is probably one of the coolest logos in the industry at the moment. Spectre offers the three sizes most laptop shoppers will be looking for – a folio, a 13 incher and a 15 inch version.

I’ll let some of the other sites out there cover the fine details of the release and focus on the things that really matter to me as a traveler – battery life and connectivity. The 13″ Spectre or the New HP Spectre x360 13 is packed full of the cool things you’d expect from a premium laptop – including up to 22 hour battery life and Gigabit LTE connectivity. Despite having a drawer full of hotspot devices, and traveling with at least 3 phones that offer virtually unlimited hotspot service, I still have a hot spot in my life (see what I did there!) for a laptop with built in connectivity.

Inside the 13″ Spectre, you’ll find (optional) globally compatible Gigabit LTE (Gigabit speeds will rely entirely on the network, and none as far as I know currently offer those speeds). Pricing starts at $1149, and chances are a well-specced version with “optional LTE” will cost you a bit more…

The updated Spectre x360 lineup will be available from HP.com in November, with retail availability in December. Visit this page to get all the details, along with information on some of the other new products launching in their new fall lineup.




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