Products to Make Traveling with Your Kids Easier

Summer is coming, and that means planeloads of kids traveling with their parents on their way to Disney.

Back when I flew as a kid, I was a happy camper if I got the airline goodie bag (usually some crayons and a coloring book). Oh, how things have changed…

I’ll show you a few products that can make traveling with children a little easier.

Trunki – luggage for little people

Another brilliant invention – cute luggage for your kids. These cases are carry-on approved and are sturdy enough for them to sit on while you pull them (and your own luggage) along. It comes in 3 different models, all with “secret compartments” and a carry/pull along strap. They are priced at $44.99 for the “George” model, and $49.99+ for additional models.

Trunki Products

CARES – child airline seat harness

Travel is hard enough without having to drag along a 40lb car seat. Thankfully this new product means you can leave the seat at home – if your child is between 22 and 44 pounds.

You place the strap around the seatback, then connect the shoulder straps to the airline seatbelt.

It’s FAA approved (approval has also been granted for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), and is produced for the inventor by AmSafe (who make almost all commercial airline seatbelts). The CARES aviation restraint system costs $74.95 and comes with an installation DVD, carrying bag and instruction book.

Just remember that you’ll still need a car seat at your destination, so be sure to check whether your car rental company has seats available for you.


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